High Energy Medicine Sessions

Energy Sessions (Reiki and EDINA)

I work on your chakras rebalancing and releasing blocks, along with strengthening your energy body, to assist you at feeling more at ease. I set up crystals that want to participate before I start the session. strengthening your energy body along with helping your Chi to flow more freely throughout your body. From these sessions you may experience bliss, joy, deep emotional release, a lightening of yourself (feel lighter), past life remembrances and releases, relief from pain, narcolepsy, headaches, anxiety, depression, along with much more.. I

Live Full Energy and card reading Session Video or phone meeting

Past Life & Akashic Sessions

Mini Past Life reading, we will examine the past life that is most effecting you at this time. Looking at how it may be effecting/ showing up in this life and possible actions to take to work out of those patterns and blocks.

Soul realignment we go into your akashic records realigning your soul back to its original aspects as it was when it separated from source. Going through your records I will talk to you about what energies are yours too use to manifest your reality.  We will go over lifetimes that are still affecting you with past life baggage, releasing all of them and talking about the patterns they may be bringing into your life. This can help you figure out what you came here to do in this lifetime.

Solfeggio Sound Healing Sessions

I use tuned forks, singing bowls, bells, along with clapping and voice for healing sessions depending on what we are working on it could be a mixture. The forks and singing bowls are set to frequencies for many of our bodies functioning systems. Also, I use Solfeggio forks for balancing the chakra systems. Sound Healing can bring a sense of calmness and relaxation, and will assist in aligning your bodies frequencies back in sync to function at their normal capacity. (can heal emotional, mental, and/or physical issues.)

Bend my Ear/ Pick my Brain

This is for those that are looking for direction, in need of clarification or confirmation of what you are experiencing. I have been consciously working through my ascension process for over 10 years and have had a multitude of unique crazy experiences to draw from, Personally and what others have experienced. I have worked with astral travel, dreamwork, multidimensional healing and activation, incorporating past life lessons through this life, along with much more.. If you would like more than just 15 mins for your service, please make note of that. 

Classes Available

Basic EDINA Energy Medicine

EDINA is an acronym for

 Energy Dynamics for the Integration of Natural Attributes.(assists in opening us up to our gifts and next level of consciousness)

EDINA balances our energies so we resonate with our true inner core. This method utilizes ancient shamanic techniques in tandem with sacred geometry, sound and light frequencies for healing the Light body, and techniques from medical chi gong, all of which in turn affect healing on all levels of our physical body, mind and spirit. Many forms of healing from ancient civilizations have been “lost” to humanity as a whole and preserved in various cultures to this day. Many of these are incorporated into EDINA,along with other techniques that had been lost from the planet entirely.  This form of energy medicine works directly upon the light body, effecting the mental, physical and emotional bodies on a positive level that leaves a lasting impression. It can help humanity get through the ascension process with greater grace, ease and comfort.  Peace, joy, harmony, balance, synchronicity, abundance, and a state of grace are side-effects of working with EDINA, as well as enhanced spiritual growth. 

Energy medicine Basics

This is a basic class learning what energy medicine is and how it effects the world around us. I will be talking about Energy and types of Energy Medicine modalities. How and why it works.. We will cover a couple of the energy systems of the body. We will also have a couple exercises to experience energy with ourselves and the world around us.

We will learn about the different types of wands and the properties of the wood they are made of. Each type of wood holds its own energy and attributes to assist us on our journey in this life.
We will cover the different practical ways to use your wand to help improve your life in all aspects.