I offer Spiritual Assistance, in many forms; Energy Medicine (Reiki, E.D.I.N.A., Shamanism), Sound healing, spiritual guidance, Akashic (past life), Tarot, and oracle readings. These energy modalities are able to assist in healing of traumas and blockages holding us from our true self, along with spiritual growth and understanding our purpose in this life. My purpose is to assist those that feel lost and need direction, along with assisting others in finding deeper meaning and healing from their experiences.


Energy and Sound medicine

Assists with moving out of the body old , stagnant energies. In releasing these, we are able to move through blocks that are holding us from our true spiritual potential. With new refreshed energy our mind, body and soul are balanced, and able to work at normality or better.

How does Energy Medicine work?

Energy Medicine works, because everything is energy. Using this core concept, energy also can follow intention. Using Divine Universal Energies and working with Divine guides, as the practitioner works on the client they are intentionally moving, clearing, and balancing the Energy body’s along with internal energies that work with the physical. There are many different forms of energy work. Some work directly on the physical; massage, reflexology and acupuncture, Some work directly with bringing more energy into and moving through the physical body: Tae chi and Qi gong, others are for healing mind, body, & spirit like Reiki, Shamanism, Past life readings and Soul recovery. E.D.I.N.A. encompasses all the above in one form or another, plus works on multidimensional levels, balances the client’s energies to allow resonance with the true inner core of ones being and purpose.