Most frequently asked questions and answers

These energy sessions can assist us moving through blocks on a mental, spiritual, and/or physical level. They assist with opening you up to better understanding of yourself, your past and where you truly want to be in the future. Also assist us in the physical, with confronting our dis-eases, showing us what is unbalanced in our life that is manifesting the dis-ease in this life.  When we our ready, our gifts will begin to open for us.


I believe that is all dependent on an individual case. Unless the client is working through something mental, physical, or spiritual, I would say once a month, or as the client feels it is necessary.

Yes, when I am working with energy medicine, I am being guided by both my guides and yours following what they instruct me to do for your highest good. Usually at some point during the session will use some kind of sound..

 Sound works in many ways in healing. The ways I use sound is to breakup discordant energies or using toned tools that resonate at certain frequencies aligned for the energetic and physical bodies to become balanced again.

 For both sound and energy healing sessions you will feel the changes during and after the session. Releases from the sessions can last multiple days, depending on what was being released.

When working in the akashic records (Mini past life readings and Soul Realignment) the results are instantaneous, but as far as you noticing the changes, may take a while, because part of the work has to do with breaking patterns. Some patterns are quicker to show up than others depending on circumstances.

Energy Medicine works because everything is energy. Using this core concept energy also can follow intention. Using Divine Universal Energies and working with Divine guides, as the practitioner works on the client they are intentionally moving, clearing, and balancing the Energy body’s along with internal energies that work with the physical. here are many different forms of energy work. Some work directly on the physical; massage, reflexology and acupuncture, Some work directly with bringing more energy into and moving through the physical body: Tae chi and Qi gong, others are for healing mind, body, & spirit like Reiki, Shamanism, Past life readings and Soul recovery. E.D.I.N.A. encompasses all the above in one form or another, plus works on multidimensional levels, balances the client’s energies to allow resonance with the true inner core of ones being and purpose.