Studying Reiki, E.D.I.N.A., Qi Gong, Sound healing therapy, along with how to read past lives (Akashic Records).  I have learned how to release unwanted programs and patterns for my life using these tools and more. After a car accident where I was almost left for dead, 20 years ago I have been on a journey to find my Truth and Purpose here in this life. My journey since has been from my inner darkness to finding my light. I have been consciously traveling this path for over 14 years, and have been studying ways of the mystics, and healers. I have been actively practicing Alternative Medicine  and healing with myself and others for more than 10 years.   Assisting people on their awaking journey is one of my passions.

My Work

I am spiritual and energy healer that’s a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master also a Teacher and practitioner of E.D.I.N.A. Energy Medicine, that has been working with energy medicine for over 10 years in Ludington Michigan. During a session, many different types of alternative medicines are able to be used,  I work with your guides and along with my guides for your highest good. Sessions might consist of crystal layouts, healing with etheric light, sound healing with toning forks, singing bowls, shamanic drumming or flutes etc.. I also work with sacred geometry, past life releases and anything else that I’m guided to use during the session. I  create a safe, comfortable, sacred space to release; emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically free of judgment. I try to assist in showing where there are positive possibilities of releasing those traumas if needed. Deeply cleansing your chakras and other parts of the light body. Releases happen throughout the session and may continue for a day or two afterwards as we are working on realigning your mind, body and soul. Effects from sessions are cumulative and build upon each other positively effecting the client for the rest of their life.

 Experiences include relief from Narcolepsy, depression, reduction and/or elimination of body pain, release of stubborn blocks, deep emotional pain, and past life patterns that are still in play in this life time. Terminal diseases can go into remission, also experiences of healing panic disorders, allergies, headaches, back pain, anxiety, digestive problems, and arthritis. Side effects may include bliss, joy, total relaxation, a feeling of lightness or being cleansed, increased dreams, lucid dreaming, more intuitiveness, realignment of self-purpose, clarity of true self at soul level also opening and activation to our divine giftsI use

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My Goals

My goal is to assist people to move past the things that are holding them back, and what no longer serves their experience. To find their own Truth and how to safely express it. Helping them find their true potential and self worth. Also opening them to their own Divine gifts and purpose for their experience’s along with purpose in life.